• Co-Ed Wedding Shower

    "wicked cool"

    One shower down, one to go! We had such a great time last Saturday at our shower that Mike and Jen threw for us down here in Lemoore!! We had a fabulous group of friends that attended and got to play catch up and relax for a few hours!!

    We received great gifts, and Derek was very excited about his golf ball retriever!

    I cannot believe that the wedding is only a couple of weeks away now. The time is flying and my head is spinning. We can't wait to see all our friends and family!! SOON!!!

    Added by Jessica on Thu, Jul 2nd 2009

  • Wait...What?!?! 2 Months???

    time is flying

    I cannot believe that our wedding is only 2 months away! The time has flown by in the last few months and the big day is coming so quickly. I'm starting to have a little anxiety because I want it to be perfect and I want to make sure I have everything under control. AH!! It will all come together and it will be a great time! Derek and I are getting so excited to see our families and some of our friends that have moved away since we've been stationed here in California. It's going to be like a mini reunion for all of us!!

    Added by Jessica on Mon, May 25th 2009

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered


    Well, I am happy to say that after many hours of slaving over invites and applying hundreds of rhinestones and stamps...I finished our invitations and they went out in the mail!

    Although it was a tedious process and took longer than I expected, I would not have done it any other way! I love the personal touches on them! Hope you all enjoy!


    Added by Jessica on Wed, Apr 22nd 2009

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  • Bobby's Hawaiian

    Everett, WA


    We're having a Luau themed rehearsal! We will have the dinner at Bobby's Hawaiian in Everett, Wa. They were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network with Guy Fieri! WHOA!!

    Added Bonus: HULA LESSONS!!

    So... wear your best Hawaiian attire and let's have a blast for the rehearsal and dinner!!

    **This event is limited to the wedding party and their significant others unless otherwise invited. Thank you!**

    Added by Jessica on Wed, Apr 15th 2009

  • Rehearsal Date Change!

    July 22nd @ 5pm

    Attention Wedding Party:

    Our Rehearsal Date has changed to July 22nd from 5-6pm! I am trying to work the schedule out! I think we've got it under control now! Any questions - just call!


    Added by Jessica on Wed, Apr 15th 2009

  • Big Purchase!

    Derek's Ring

    Well....last night a made the big purchase of Derek's ring! YAY!! One more thing to check off the list of to-do's! It's amazing! And different! I took him with to make sure that he liked it and that it fit! I didn't want him to be disappointed, since I was not disappointed AT ALL with my ring! Our rings really compliment each other even though they were not a "Matching Set"! He's so excited and keeps asking if he can wear it now?! HA HA!! He has to wait just a few more months now!

    Added by Jessica on Tue, Mar 31st 2009

  • Mission "Find The Dress": COMPLETE

    More Details

    1. I can't believe how quickly July 25th is coming! OMG - 4 MONTHS to go!!
    2. It's all coming together now! It's starting to feel like a real wedding is happening!! LOL!

    I was up in Seattle a couple weeks ago and was able to sit down with my parents and work out a lot of details! We booked the minister, the florist, the FAB photographer and the DJ! And to top all of that off....I found THE DRESS!! It is nothing short of exquisite! And suprisingly - I went back and tried on the dress that I was in "love" with from the first time - and HATED it!! The dress I got was the LAST one I tried on! It's perfect! Now - I'm impatiently waiting for it to get to California! Since I got it back home from a little Bridal Shop, they cleaned it and are shipping it to me here because I do have to make some alterations. I'm keeping it at a girlfriends house so that a certain Groom doesn't get nosey! (I'd like to send a little shoutout to my entourage that went dress shopping: Mom, Jess, Stacey, Amber and Melissa- Thanks for hanging in there all day and being so honest and supportive! You all helped me make a FAB-U-LOUS decision!

    Another item to scratch off the list was the flower pots to hang down the middle of the aisles! To save money and have a few keepsakes, we used silk hydrangeas to make these cute pots! My Mom, Kyle, Auntie Cheryl and I set up a production line and we knocked 'em out! We ROCK!

    Added by Jessica on Thu, Mar 19th 2009

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  • Mission: Find "The Dress"

    Posted on original blog: February 12th, 2009

    Hello All! Good news... I will be heading to Seattle in early March to purchase my wedding dress!! I have tried a few on and have found one that is amazing.... but I need to go to a few other places!! It will be one long dedicated day to finding "The Dress"! I can't wait!

    If you know of any great places to look for a Wedding Dress that you may have had a great experience with - pass it on it me!

    Added by Jessica on Tue, Mar 17th 2009

  • To Catch You Up...

    Posted on orginal blog: December 4th, 2008

    Hello Friends and Family! Great News: I'm finally back to work! I have been back in the work force now just over a month, and I am still trying to get back to a regular working schedule! On a side note- we miss you all so much! We wish we were fortunate to be able to spend this Holiday season with all of you, however since we are not, we wish all the best this Christmas season and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

    I am happy to say that Jess (Maid of Honor) has gotten the ball rolling on the bridesmaids dresses! They should be ordered by mid February! I can't wait to see the final product!

    Next step: I've picked 4 photographers that I am interested in and my parents are going to meet with them to help decide which will work best!

    I am also looking for a DJ! It is really difficult to find someone on the internet. If you know someone that is a DJ or have been to a wedding with a great DJ or have had a wedding with a great DJ could you pass on the info? I've found a few...but it's hard getting many details about them.

    We've also started looking in hotel info for those guests that will be coming in from out of town. I think I will choose two with the best rates and closest proximity to the wedding venue and other events that will go on for the wedding. I will keep you all posted on that info!

    Next Big Step: Choosing a Wedding Dress!! I've only been once to try them on and I'm pretty sure I've already found THE ONE!! I love it! I've even had dreams about it! LOL!!

    Added by Jessica on Tue, Mar 17th 2009

  • Craven Farms - Wedding Venue

    Snohomish, Washington

    It's going to be so beautiful! The ceremony will be outdoors in the garden and the reception will be inside this old barn!

    Added by Jessica on Tue, Mar 17th 2009

  • This is where it starts...

    Posted on original blog: May 13th, 2008

    Hello!! This is where it starts. I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch and keep our friends and families up to date on wedding details.

    We've set the date and picked the place!! July 25, 2009 - it seems so far away, but I'm feeling like it's really starting to creep up on me! I can't believe it was almost 6 months ago that Derek proposed and I was thinking, "Summer of 2009: I've got plenty of time!!!" Geez...I was wrong. So much to do and I have to do most of it via the internet since we are in California, this may a little harder than I ever imagined.

    The Place: Craven Farms in Snohomish, WA. It's beautiful, even when I saw the property in the middle of March with no flowers or any sunshine, I knew it would be perfect! It's a barn with a garden off one end and that is where the ceremony will be held!! Oh man, I can't wait to see the place decorated and all set up! One of the greatest things about the venue...it is all on one level! No stairs to have to deal with for our Grandparents or anyone else!!! WHEW!!

    Friend: "So how many people do you have in your wedding party?"
    Jess: "12!"
    Friend: "Seriously?"
    Jess: "I KNOW!! I never thought I would have this big of a wedding, but I have some amazing people in my life that I want to share this with!"
    Friend: "You're brave!"

    Well, that's that for now! I will keep everyone posted on events and new additions that come along!

    Added by Jessica on Tue, Mar 17th 2009